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Pet to Nature 回歸自然寵物善終服務致力提供專業高質素的一站式寵物善終服務。
我們的悼念館設施包括: 告別室、中式禮堂、西式禮堂、寵物骨灰靈位、寵物重生花園及全港首部環保水化系統設備等。
我們提供全面的服務以滿足每位主人的不同需要,服務包括: 道/佛教殯儀、告別聚餐、種植重生盆栽及各類紀念品等,務求盡力協助主人安排愛寵的暫別旅程。
另外,我們堅持實踐【綠色善終】鼓勵大家於水化後採用“回歸自然”的骨灰處理,以種植 “重生盆栽” 方式,讓您的愛寵以另一方式重獲新生。


Pet to Nature is committed to provide our customers high-quality professional pet funeral service.  Our premises have a comprehensive range of facilities including Comfort Rooms, Chinese style ceremonial halls, western style ceremonial halls, pet columbarium, pet ashes botanical garden, and the 1st ever pet-body hydrolysis machine in Hong Kong.
Our services include:
- Different types of funeral service suitable for various religious beliefs including Taoism, Buddism, Christianity.
- Farewell banquets
- Pet ashes fertilized 're-born' plant
- Various types of souvenirs

We strive to provide pet owners the best farewell experience with their beloved pets.
In addition, we adhere to the belief of "Green Funeral".  We promote hydrolysis treatment of pet bodies since this is one of the most technological advanced and environmental friendly mechanisms for dead-body treatment.  We also encourage pet owners to consider using the pet ashes to plant a 'new life' in the earth - let your love ones a new way of regaining new life - that echoes the core belief of our company - Pet To Nature


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