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  • Creature Comforts Veterinary Housecall Practice會員刊登

  • Veterinary Housecall Practice
  • 電話:93131593 傳真:
  • 郵箱 網址:
  • 關鍵字:
  • 地區:香港> 香港島> 筲箕灣>
  • 地址:G/F 256 Shau Kei Wan Rd


Creature Comforts provides a very different service than the average veterinarian, and there are many advantages for both you and your pets.

Creature Comforts housecall vet delivery service is specially designed to help make pet ownership in Hong Kong simpler, easier and more convenient, allowing you to spend more time just enjoying the company of your pet.

Creature Comforts Veterinary Housecall Practice
Business Contact Person: Trilby White
Phone: 93131593
Address: G/F 256 Shau Kei Wan Rd


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