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  • Super-cons 阿瞳目隱形眼鏡專門店
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  • 地區:香港> 九龍> 九龍灣>
  • 地址:Room 603, Tower II, Enterprise Square, No 9 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong


Super-cons is an online store which providing a wide range of contact lenses brand at excellent prices. By the advanced network technology, we aim to serve our customer with a professionalism and dedicated passion, meeting their most satisfaction. 阿瞳目是一家網上商店,以最優惠的價格提供世界各國隱形眼鏡品牌。透過最先進快捷的網絡技術,我們致力以專業,熱忱的態度為客戶服務,務求客戶能感到最滿意稱心。


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