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例如以ITF各類型本地 / 國際性比賽、國際教練班、國際裁判班等,及定期參加亞洲賽等國際級賽事。



Kick Boxing是健身一種生活方式,而不是一個苦差事。

Kick Boxing是一個設定為高能量消耗的密集鍛煉。它結合了有氧武術動作和終極塑身運動的無氧力量訓練。沒有制服或經驗的要求,只需有趣味的去不停操練,就可獲得的瘦身效果。

本會另設 泰拳班,歡迎查詢及報名

Hong Kong Continue Taekwon-do Association serving our community through a curriculum that teaches real world applications within a traditional martial art. We strive to make our community safer and more aware.

ITF Taekwon-Do was developed for the Korean Armed Forces as a practical form of self defense. Today, Taekwon-Do is known for its dazzling array of kicking techniques which include spinning and jumping kicks. Its practicality makes it one of the most powerful martial arts in existence.

ITF Taekwon-Do is not only about technique but also fitness and awareness, which require constant training and practice. Each class builds strength physically and mentally through challenging and dynamic work outs.

Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds and have countless awards and certifications under their belts. Our instructors are Hong Kong team members, internationally recognized instructors, and dedicated practitioners of Taekwon-Do. Their range of skills and specialties create a well-rounded and engaging environment for training.


Cardio kickboxing classes make fitness a lifestyle, not a chore.

Cardio kickboxing is an intensive workout set to high energy music. It combines aerobic martial art moves and anaerobic strength training for the ultimate body toning exercise. No uniforms or experience required, just a desire to have fun while getting in shape!

Muay Thai courses are also available,please contact to join us!


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