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  • Passion Event Tech Ltd.會員刊登

  • PASSION EVENT TECH LTD dedicate to provide a full range of top branded audio, video, lighting equipment, staging production and event solutions for different scales of meetings, conferences, gala dinners, exhibitions and promotional events, etc. by d
  • 電話:3955 1386 傳真:3956 5334
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  • 地區:香港> 新界(不包括離島)> 葵涌>
  • 地址:Flat B, 3rd Floor, Che Wah Industrial Building, 1-7 Kin Hong Street, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong.


Audio, Video and Lighting Equipment Rental

With the aid of our top-branded audio, video and lighting equipment, it brings all audience an unforgettable memory by a spectacular effect in your event. Our professional and on-site technicians are aimed at assisting every client to run a successful event.


Products: LED Wall, Projectors, LED TVs, Loudspeakers, Musical instruments, Moving head gobo/LED wash lights, soundboxes and many more......


Desktop Discussion Microphone System Rental

With its elegant design and the innovative patent pending “Possible-To-Speak” indicator the CCS 900 Ultro will cater for small to medium scale meeting areas. The system includes chariman and delegate versions, each with built-in louspeaker and volume control and dual headphone connections.


Staging Production

A unique backdrop design with staging production not only disseminates the significant message to event theme and enhances corporate image but also draws attention to all audience in the activities. Our designers devote to devise creative layouts in accordance with client's concepts.




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