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  • "VenueHub香港「租場平台」搵場地搞公司活動、婚宴、私人party、商業會議、講座等,通通無難度! Hong Kong’s #1 venue booking platform with 1,000+ memorable event spaces to choose from."
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"VenueHub is Hong Kong’s leading venue booking platform with 1,000+ memorable event spaces to choose from. The company has revolutionised how event spaces are sourced and booked. For event bookers - the free, easy-to-use website and bespoke concierge service make it easier and faster to find and book the perfect venue, saving a huge amount of time and pain in the process. VenueHub also specialises in promoting unique or hard-to-find event spaces, offering bookers a wider range of exciting options. The site’s listings also contain essential information that is specifically required for planning events. For venues - VenueHub is the most effective marketing and lead-generation platform in HK, generating a high volume of corporate and private event bookings. Partnering with VenueHub also unlocks access to an extensive, highly-engaged and targeted audience (including planners from major corporate brands) at a fraction of the cost of other types of advertising."

為什麼你需要VenueHub?VenueHub免費協助你尋找和預訂最佳的香港活動場地。我們把場地集合在此,使你可以快速、簡單找尋適合你需要的場地。想book場舉辦不同類型的活動?VenueHub幫到你!無論是一般場地租用或短期場地租用,VenueHub也能助你尋找和預訂最佳的活動場地,籌備大型的商務會議? 我們提供的多個會議場地及展覽場地位於香港的商業區,地理位置優越,設備完善,適合用作中型或大型的活動,如年度股東大會、新聞發布會和國際性會議、研討會、多方會談、講座或小組會議等。每逢大時大節,不少人都喜愛舉行party,招待一大群朋友聚首一堂,盡情玩樂,享受與好友暢聚的時光!但要找到一個理想的party場地真的不容易。VenueHub的場地資料庫和搜尋器,正好為您解決party場地的煩惱,讓您足不出戶就能預訂到最符合您預算和要求的party場地!


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