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  • MAN LIK CO. LAUBALLOON 氣球派對,氣球佈置---新款迪士尼米奇、米妮、HelloKitty、冰雪公主、芝麻街、史路比、反斗奇兵、反斗車王、史迪仔、蜘蛛俠、超人、翠兒、小熊維尼、跳跳虎等等卡通人物氦氣球(鋁膜氣球)(註:絕對正版,有licence)零售價格:18吋氦氣球港幣$27起/1pcs(包充氦氣送絲帶),可以送貨,荔景站免費送貨。***---另有乳膠氦氣球LatexBalloon,港幣$11起/1pcs。氦氣球各款式在Facebook搜尋Lauballoon Lau
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About Us

Welcome to LAUBALLOON Helium Filled Balloons

LAUBALLOON use the highest quality latex and foil balloons. Anagram International and Qualatex are two major balloon companies with the highest reputation that make only quality balloons. We offer wonderful way for you to send your special message with fantastic helium balloons. Whether it's a Birthday, Wedding, Easter, Christmas, Graduation, and Anniversary or just to say you care, says it with a helium balloon delivery. We have Foil Helium Balloons and Latex Helium Balloons for everyday including Get Well Soon Balloons. Helium Balloon Gifts Delivery can be made to any address all over Hong Kong.

LAUBALLOON have a range of character helium balloon, Disney Mickey & Minnie, Princess, Hello Kitty, Sesame Street (School Bus, Elmo, Big Bird, Bert & Ernie), Snoopy, Toy Story, Ms-Queen, Stitch, Spider-man, Superman, Batman, Tweety, Nemo, Buzz, Winnie the Pooh and his friends, etc.

Pricing Policy All prices shown on our website. There is no further charge made at the checkout only your delivery costs.

Helium Balloon’s Price:

18〞Foil Balloon - HKD 27 up

11〞Latex Balloon - HKD 11 up

All helium balloons are filled with helium and are attached to colorful ribbons.


No. 2, Lai King Govt. Workshop, Lai King Estate, Kwai Chung, N. T., Hong Kong

Tel:(852)2741 0812 Fax:(852) 2741 0813



Lauballoon Lau
Address: No. 2, Lai King Govt. Workshop, Lai King Estate, Kwai Chung, N. T., Hong Kong
電話:2741 0812 
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星期一至六 全日
星期日: 上午9 am至1 pm 其他時間可預約


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