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卓智互聯網服務有限公司是香港一家領先的網頁寄存公司,是香港特別行政區其中一家 OFCA 授權的營運商,至今服務超過 5000 客戶。我們擁有自己 BGP 網絡,AS 編號及 IP 地址。我們的使命是提供優質且實惠的服務,目標提供健全和可靠的網頁寄存及電郵寄存服務。

除著互聯網業務興起, 為滿足客戶在網上的需求,我們提供客戶必要的工具,以方便及協助客戶建立和運行網站。我們著重客人網站和電子郵件的可靠性,我們的服務器存放在安全和專業可靠的環境,並以高效能網絡骨幹連接著。

我們提供您需要的網絡功能, 包括網絡郵件,POP3/IMAP 連病毒掃描郵件,和數據庫, 該你輕易安裝線上商店,內容管理系統等。我們致力提供卓越優質服務。


我們提供多款網頁寄存服務計劃以供選擇,每個網頁寄存計劃均支援網頁及電郵存放。 Plan A 或以上寄存計劃支援 PHP (PHP 5, PHP 7) 、MariaDB 數據庫等,方便客人創建動態網站。另支援免費 SSL, 及網站控制台雙重認證登入等。



Website Solution Limited is a leading web hosting company in Hong Kong operating since 2003. It is a OFCA-licensed operator in Hong Kong S.A.R. Over 5000 customers have relied on our web hosting services. We have our own BGP network, AS number and own IP address. We provide professional web hosting service. Our mission is to provide affordable yet incredible services. We have a goal to provide robust website and email service.  
A new era of internet business has surfaced. To meet your online business hosting needs, we provide our valued customers with the necessary tools to get their website up and running with incredible and convenient services. Our key priority is your website visibility and email availability round the clock. Whether you want to run your business website or for your interest group, we are always here to provide you our unmatched services. Our servers are protected in a secure and professional environment, and supported by a high performance backbone. We have a generous up-time.  
We provide you with everything that you need for your website from featured Webmail, POP3/IMAP virus-scanned email, and databases to easy-to-setup online shop and content management system. Our success and growth lies in our commitment to provide excellent quality services.  
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Our web hosting package supports website and email hosting. Plan A (or above) supports PHP (PHP 5, PHP 7) and MariaDB (alternative to MySQL) database. It enables customer to create dynamic websites. In additions, we support free SSL, and two-factors authentication web control panel.
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