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  • Hkright Network - Web Hosting會員刊登

  • 提供專業網頁寄存 (Web Hosting) 服務,我們的網頁寄存特點,採用業界公認最穩定的 Linux 作業系統,網頁/電郵伺服器真正存放於(香港)各大型數據中心,優化 DirectAdmin 網上控制台, 簡單易用,功能強勁。
  • 電話:3611 8332 傳真:3007 3284
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  • 關鍵字:網頁寄存web hosting
  • 地區:香港> 香港島> 薄扶林>
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Premium Web Hosting Plan

Web Hosting Features

- Enterprise-class standard “Intel Xeon 8 core 64 bit servers” are used in all of our service plans.

- Our web / e-mail servers are all located in Hong Kong’s major large-scale data centres.

- Exclusive bandwidth for overseas, making web browsing in China, Hong Kong and overseas more stable and higher in connectivity.

- Optimized platform interface “DirectAdmin”, enabling easier control with its great functionalities.

- Clients can send up to 80MB per e-mail, making transferal of large files or data more convenient.

- Our webmail system supports Unicode, which can avoid emails going gibberish.

- We implement quantitative restrictions in hosting of websites on our servers, allowing more equitable distribution of resources, so that every customer receives rapid and stable hosting service.



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