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  • Soulfunkee會員刊登

  • Soulfunkee is a top-notch international female DJ.
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  • 地區:香港> 香港島> 灣仔>
  • 地址:21/F, The Phoenix 23 Luard Rd Wan Chai


Soulfunkee, a top-notch international female DJ, is taking Hong Kong by storm as she sets out to prove that Hong Kong’s music scene is ready for more than top 40 mainstream repetition. She has been seen spinning her banging, sexy, and euphorically seamless blend of different types of music at clubs and events around the world, and now she’s bringing her talent to Asia. Whether it be house, electro, nu-disco, trap, the end result is always a packed dancefloor with big smiles. Her passionate charismatic stage presence draws people in on any type of occasion. In a city where party-goers are forced to put up with female DJs that look good on the outside, but barely know how to work a mixing board, Soulfunkee is proving that women can mix, even better than the male competition.

Get people dancing hard to the sounds of music that moves the soul, that’s the goal of Soulfunkee. She knows how to bring down the house with sounds so soulful, sexy, and euphoric that music-goers line up to hear her seamless mixing. She pays attention to the crowd to know exactly when to mix it hard, switch it up, and tone the music down when you least expect it. She takes you on an epic emotional rollercoaster that you never want to get off. Soulfunkee has been deejaying professionally for the last 6 years. She has became an international traveler, playing at clubs in Canada, USA, London UK, and now has her eyes set on Asia. Having played alongside heavyweights at prestigious clubs and events, Soulfunkee is about to be the next sensation to hit the Asian club scene.


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