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CommuPro was established by three language enthusiasts and inspired teachers – Elaine Lo, Wallace Ma and Lucian Schneider. Based in Hong Kong, the Swiss-managed CommuPro offers a wide range of training in language learning and effective communication. Combining unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities, CommuPro is dedicated to developing innovative and unconventional methods to enhance one’s communication skills within a short period of time. We believe that everyone, regardless of their native language and communication talent, is able to convey messages clearly and effectively.

The mission of CommuPro is to promote multilingualism and global education by providing a wide range of high-quality language services and courses which prove to be fun and effective. We make language learning enjoyable because we know that is the best way to learn. We train our students not only in the acquisition of different languages but also in the effective use of those languages, so that they can interact with speakers of other languages on equal terms.


The CommuPro Team


Elaine Lo

Currently based in Zurich, Elaine is a German and Chinese teacher. Being native in both Cantonese and English, her experience in teaching English to Cantonese speakers is also diverse. Elaine is a Philosophy graduate at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a student of Communications at the University of Zurich. Her love for languages has made her a copywriter for many years. Elaine is a multilingual who takes true interest in people. She has lived in several cities in the world because she enjoys meeting people from different backgrounds.



Wallace Ma
Director of Studies

Wallace is currently a part-time German instructor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in English and Postgraduate Diploma in (English) Education. Wallace was an English teacher at a secondary school for several years before he completed his Master’s Degree in Philology at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster in Germany. With his fruitful study and work experience overseas, he specializes in intercultural communication. Wallace masters several foreign languages and has gained extensive experience in foreign language teaching in different types of schools and institutes both locally and overseas.



Lucian Schneider
Education Manager

Coming from Switzerland, Lucian is a true multilingual. Not only does he speak Swiss German, High German, English, French and Spanish fluently, but he also understands Italian very well and can handle basic Cantonese. Lucian graduated summa cum laude (equivalent to First-Class Honours) from the University of Zurich with his Bachelor and Master of Arts. Currently working towards his postgraduate Diploma in Education, Lucian is also a zealous teacher at the Kantonschule Zürcher Oberland, a leading educational institution in Switzerland. Lucian takes great interest in didactics and constantly strives to perfect existing teaching methods.


Our German Consultant

Dr. Elmar Elling M.A.
German Language Consultant

Dr. Elmar Elling M.A., academic in Linguistics and Media Science, has been teaching German as a foreign language and running the Academic Writing division at the University of Münster for many years. For a long time Elmar was a PR collaborator at Ruhrgas (now E.ON), Deutsche Telekom and other companies. He was also an author and editor at the Federal Agency for Civic Education, worked as a consulting editor as well as copywriter, and took part in a series of research.



Our Spanish Consultant

Dr. André Herrmann
Spanish Language Consultant

André is a retired university lecturer who spent almost 40 years as a language mediator in Switzerland, Spain and Chile. André wrote his doctoral thesis on the intertextuality and semiotics of Gabriel García Márquez’s work. In 1985, André started teaching Spanish at the University of St. Gallen and University of Fribourg, and in 1990 also at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) and University of Zurich. At the same time, André worked as a translator and interpreter at the Zurich courts and government agencies and was the head of study tours. André is a professional speaker and author.


Our French Consultant

Mireille Pignat
French Language Consultant

Native in French and German, Mireille is a skilled French teacher who also has extensive experience in various roles that require excellent knowledge of the French language. Currently in the final stages of attaining her postgraduate Diploma in French Language Education and her Master of Arts in French Literature and Linguistics, Mireille is teaching French as a foreign language at the Kantonsschule Zürcher Oberland, a leading school since 1955. Her passion for languages has always been a big part of her life. She sees languages as the key to forging links between individuals and cultures. Sharing her love for languages has become a life goal.


Alex Lo
Chinese Language Consultant

Alex is a Chinese language enthusiast who graduated from the College of Education (now known as the Hong Kong Institute of Education). He has years of experience teaching the language. As once a Chinese teacher and now a school manager of a local school, Alex is passionate about education. Alex is currently a businessman residing in Mainland China, where Mandarin Chinese is his primary language of communication.



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