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With more than 30 years experience in Business and Training, I offer an effective way of mastering communication with the English speaking global market.

Learn English the easy way, talk to friendly people who have been speaking it all their lives; learn effortlessly & successfully!
The most natural way to learn a language , just like you learned your mother tongue as a child! Make friends and learn the most widely spoken language in the World , via your computer!

We aim to get you familiar with language by using it after you are taught the basics and refine your usage to those areas that you want to learn about so you get results quickly.

This is done by Videos, Workbooks , Templates for correspondence and Live classes over the Internet , so that you get practice in Business and Social English

The course comes in three options, School Children’s, Pre-University and University Students and Business Communication. You can be based anywhere in the World to join this course and you do not have to commute to a class; your class is as far as a computer that you can use.

So save time , and learn English in the comfort of your home at a pace that is convenient for you to achieve your goals!!

The English Learning Channel
Phone: 69730696
Address: 2/F, 188A, Shui Chiu San Tsuen, Tai Tong Road, Yuen Long, Hong Kong


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