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優質英語服務有限公司 (852) 53273108

歡迎來臨"優質英語服務有限公司"(NAT English)的綱頁。

NAT English是一間提供外籍英語導師/英語私人老師的中介服務公司。


NAT English 的服務宗旨是與外籍英語導師衷誠合作, 為家長、貴公司提供最優質的外籍英語導師服務,將最專業、最優質、最快捷的服務帶給我們的客戶。

以下是"優質英語服務有限公司"(NAT English)一直為您作出的三點保證:

一:保證本公可所提供的導師全是外籍英語native speaker,並為每一位導師進行身份監定及能力評估;



優質英語服務有限公司(NAT English)感謝各家長及公可管理層多年來對本公司的支持及信賴,本公司承諾為更多有需要的家長及公可提供更優質的英語導師中介服務,若閣下對本公司有任何意見或了解您的課堂資料,歡迎您與本公司聯絡 (852)5327 3108。

To meet the versatile requirements of students at all levels (from elementary school to undergraduate and graduate studies) and professionals in all walks of life.

If you are looking for an elite English teacher to show you the fastest and easiest way to improve your English, NAT English is the top choice for you.

Our service objective is to offer you the most pertinent, proficient, painless and ("3P") way to English learning.

We at NAT English appreciate the trust and supports of parents and institutions alike throughout the years. We are committed to provide ever-improving services to meet the evolving requirements of parents and businesses.

We welcome your inquiries and inputs in the ways we serve you. Please feel free to contact us for any questions you have.

Please call : (852) 5327 3108

Last Update : 22-Mar- 2019    


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