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  • The Spanish Academy會員刊登

  • Spanish Learning center
  • 電話:6899 5497 傳真:
  • 郵箱 網址:
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  • 地區:香港> 香港島> 灣仔>
  • 地址:Keen Hung Commercial Building, 80 Queen's Rd E, Wan Chai


The Spanish Academy is a school specialized in Spanish, founded and managed by teachers. All the teachers at The Spanish Academy are native, qualified and experienced.
The academy offers courses for all ages: Playgroups, kids, teenagers and adults.
From our point of view learning a language comes along with many other things such as culture, traditions, art, literature and to sum up a lifestyle.
We love learning and teaching languages while traveling, but we also try to give a real Spanish immersion feeling to our students so they can get the most of it and learn Spanish in the same way they would do in Spain, Mexico, Argentina…
We believe that when there are emotions and joy, the learning process is easier and more enjoyable, so we try to teach Spanish in a way both students and teachers have fun.


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