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  • Motorino 會員刊登
    To serve Hong Kong the best pizza, made in the Neapolitan way, using premium and authentic ingredients sourced from Italy. 
    Email: 網址:

    地址:14 Shelley Street (SoHo) 15 Ship Street, Wan Chai 

  • La Vache!會員刊登
    To amass a loyal following of Hong Kong diners who return time and time again for the distinctively French dining experience and servings of signature steak frites. 
    Email: 網址:

    地址:48 Peel Street, SoHo, Hong Kong 

    關鍵字:La Vache!
  • Maison Libanaise會員刊登
    To showcase the warming nature of Lebanese culture and vibrancy of its food via way of familial hospitality and nourishing authentic, but inventive fare. 
    Email: 網址:

    地址:10 Shelley Street, SoHo, Hong Kong 

    關鍵字:Lebanese food
  • Cali-Mex會員刊登
    Californian style Mexican fast casual restaurant 
    Email: 網址:

    地址:Unit b2, 15/F 25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan

  • Sole Mio 會員刊登
    Sole Mio - the Italian Restaurant in the heart of Soho
    Email: 網址:

    地址:UG 51 Elgin Street, Soho, Hong Kong

    關鍵字:italian restaurant
  • Agile-1會員刊登
    Email: 網址:


  • Fish and Meat會員刊登
    At Fish & Meat, we specialize in ingredients that speak for themselves and food that you crave week in, week out. 
    Email: 網址:

    地址:2//F 32 Wyndham street, Central, Hong Kong

  • blue butcher會員刊登
    Blue Butcher is a NYC style restaurant & bar bringing our customers an array of meat
    Email: 網址:

    地址:108 Hollywood Road, Central District,Hong Kong

  • limewood會員刊登
    Limewood is a mix of our favorite South East Asian, Hawaiian, South American and Caribbean flavors centered around barbequed seafood, meats and great refreshing cocktails. In many ways it’s a Californian experience. 
    Email: 網址:

    地址:The Pulse, G/F, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

  • double d burger會員刊登
    Double D Burger is home to genuine burgers and shakes using only the best produce.
    Email: 網址:

    地址:22 Wellington St, central

  • Beef & Liberty (Hong Kong)會員刊登
    We are burger-obsessed. Ours are juicy, beefy, smoky, grass-fed, hormone-free & ground daily. Voted “best burger in HK” by SCMP. Awarded a Bib by Michelin. Weare the best burger Hong Kong.
    Email: 網址:

    地址:Star St. Precinct, 2/F, 23 Wing Fung St.,Wanchai, HK

  • Invisible Kitchen會員刊登
    Your gourmet little helpers.
    Email: 網址:

    地址:Unit 08, 24F. Honour Industrial Center, 6 Sun Yip Street, Siu Sai Wan



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